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Bull Creek Restoration Project 2004

Since 1999, Ruth Goodfield has spent a part of each summer working with the Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Bull Creek, a tributary to the South Fork Eel River, restoring a streambed that used to resemble a bowling alley to more complex, salmon-friendly habitat.  This coming summer, we will have funding approved for another phase of instream restoration on this scenic and seasonally tumultuous river.  This phase of the Bull Creek Restoration Project begins at the bridge just upstream of the confluence with Mill Creek, and extends all the way downstream to the confluence with Albee Creek (near Albee Campground).  Over thirty instream structures and erosion-control riparian plantings are slated to be implemented in September and October. 

Last summer, ERWIG completed the previous phase of the Bull Creek Restoration Project, which began at the confluence of Cuneo Creek and extended about 1/2 mile upstream to Burns Creek.  Similar to the previous downstream projects from years past, this stretch had several boulder weirs, turning logs, root wads, and willow baffles added to the stream.   These structures are intended to create a healthier stream channel through erosion control, pool development, spawning gravel recruitment, riparian growth and instream shelter, primarily for salmon and steelhead.  In one area of last year's project reach that suffered very heavy erosion, about 5 acres were lost in the winter of 2002-03 alone.  Here, a new structural design, called a "J" Hook deflector, was used to redirect the stream away from the bank as well as create pool habitat for fish.     
In addition to anchoring all of the structures in last year's project reach, CCC Corpsmembers worked to repair and enhance instream structures that had been damaged in the winter of 2002-03.  Last winter, the CCC also planted over 600 riparian trees on the flats above the project reach.  ERWIG will be working with the CCC again this summer to complete the next phase in restoring beautiful, historic Bull Creek.