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Redwood Creek Bank Stabilization Project

Driving along Briceland Road out of Redway, one can watch as Redwood Creek weaves through the valley, running through wooded backyards and along wide gravel bars.  As with most streams up here on the North Coast, this wonderful Chinook, coho, and steelhead-bearing stream can be quite temperamental in the winter time, wreaking havoc on unstable slopes and poorly-designed roads.  Winter storms can cause large slides to come down and destroy salmonid spawning grounds for years.

On one local landowner's property, a large slide below an old road is precariously positioned over a section of Redwood Creek.  ERWIG has designed a project, due to be implemented this summer, that will deflect the creek away from the slide, as well as developing complex salmonid habitat within the stream reach.  In addition to decommissioning the road, three boulder and log wing-deflectors will be placed at the toe of the slide, with the upslope portion to be heavily planted with riparian and coniferous trees.  300 feet downstream, two upstream-V log weirs will scour out deep holding pools, which will provide suitable habitat for summer-rearing juvenile salmon and Steelhead.