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Swimmer's Delight, Van Duzen River Erosion Control Project

Swimmer's Delight is a popular swimming and camping spot along the Van Duzen River.  Each summer, dozens of visitors gather there every day to cool off in the gentle pools that dot the river.  Sharing these pools with us are the salmon and steelhead who fight against the winter currents to spawn in the Van Duzen and her tributaries, as well as the juveniles that are a result of this effort. 

Just upstream, however, a massive eroded cliff is threatening the quality of these waters.  An 800-foot-long, 25-foot-high sheer cliff has formed from heavy winter flows sloughing off the bank.  The Humboldt County Park has already recorded at least 11 redwood trees, some up to 200 feet long, that have fallen into the river, and are barely resisting being swept downstream. 

To control this problem, ERWIG and its partners have teamed up to construct two massive wing deflectors and four willow baffles to divert and control the flows away from the sensitive bank.  Areas in between the structures have been heavily vegetated with alder and willow plantings.  The redwood trees will be secured to their locations by anchoring them to large clusters of four-ton boulders.  With this remediation in effect, Swimmer's Delight will remain a beautiful, healthy river reach for salmon, steelhead, and humans alike.