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What's Happening in the summer of 2005?

Last year, ERWIG applied for project funding for numerous projects ranging from road erosion assessments to in stream salmon habitat structures. 

In order to pay for these projects, we must submit applications to various funding sources, such as the CA Department of Fish and Game, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Resource Conservation Service, among others. 

All of the applications received by each organization for a funding cycle are reviewed, and the best projects that fall under the total program budget are selected for funding.  Depending on the funding organization, it can take up to a year from application submittal to discover which projects have been selected.  ERWIG is in that boat right now, waiting to hear back from the numerous groups to which we have submitted proposals. 

We expect to have word within the next month or so, in order to have time to coordinate the various stages of project activity.  We look forward to a busy summer, and hope that we can use the resources we are granted to make a significant positive change in our local streams.