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Who are we?

Since 1997, the Eel River Watershed Improvement Group (ERWIG) has been providing technical assistance in watershed restoration to private landowners, state, and local organizations. 

ERWIG was developed by Scott Downie of the California Department of Fish and Game and led by two Watershed Coordinators, Ruth Goodfield and Bill Matson.

ERWIG has been developed as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to improve stream habitat conditions in the Eel River basin to benefit native stocks of salmon and steelhead.  ERWIG's geographical focus lies mainly in the South Fork Eel River and Van Duzen River systems.

ERWIG incorporates community outreach with proven instream habitat restoration and upslope analysis and remediation.  In the past four years alone, ERWIG has implemented over 50 restoration projects and has taken part in the development of numerous community watershed groups in areas such as Carlotta, Willits, Alderpoint, and Garberville.

Ruth and Bill have both formerly worked for the commercial fishing industry, and know the impacts and demands that the industry has on the resources, and the necessity for restoration in order to keep healthy watersheds, and therefore fisheries, throughout Northern California.

ERWIG'S BOARD of DIRECTORS                                           

Sean O'Day, Chairman

Ken Jorgenson, Vice Chairman

Kim Phelps, Secretary

Sandra Von Arb, Treasurer

Bill Eastwood, Landowner

Mike Guerriero, Landowner

Jim Lamport, Legal Assistant

Nancy Slocum, Landowner

Charlie Butterworth, Landowner

Bruce Slocum, Landowner

Michael Camann, HSU Professor