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Creek Days Environmental Education Fair








The 12th annual Creek Days Environmental Education Fair took place May 17th-19th, 2011 in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  During this event over 300 Humboldt County students had the opportunity to learn about their local watershed ecosystems during guided hikes through an old growth Redwood forest, taking time to do some hands-on activities along the way.

This year's event was staffed by 26 local AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project members and  featured booths covering wildlife, plants, geology & soils, fisheries, sustainable enegery, and more. 


At the Scat & Tracks booth students learned how to identify tracks of native animals and how to analyze scat and learn about local ecology before making 'edible scat' from tootsie rolls and some other household baking items (red sprinkles represented berries, for instance).

Scat & Tracks

Students making edible scat at the scat & tracks booth


At the Field Tools booth students had the opportunity to learn about the tools designed and used to help enhance and restore anadromous watersheds and salmonid habitat.

Field Tools

Students learning about electrofishing equipment at the field tools booth


At the Geomorphology booth staffers demonstrated how geomorphic processes affect salmonid habitat and how rivers help shape our landscape. 


The geomorphology demonstration helping students understand interactions between land and water


At the Soils booth students participated in a hands-on demonstration of how soil naturally filters chemicals from water before it makes its way into streams.


Students observing as different types of soil filter food coloring from water


The Geology booth explored how geological processes have shaped our local watersheds and discussed rock formation and plate tectonics before teaching students how to identify fool's gold (pyrite) and other local rock types.


Students examining striation patterns at the geology booth


The Aquatic Macroinvertebrate booth highlighted the role of aquatic insects as water quality indicators and decomposers.  Students had the chance to 'catch' some inverts of their own.


Students transferring live insect specimens into individual containers for identification


At the Watershed Model (leant to us by Humboldt Baykeeper), chocolate syrup and food coloring were used to represent various types of pollution and students were able to observe as the water ran across the hills and carried the mess into the river system.

Watershed Model

A student applying cocoa powder 'pollution' to the watershed model


There were also several unstaffed booths set up along the trail so that docents leading groups of children around could stop and explore more aspects of forest and stream ecosystems.

Wheel O Discovery

Students attempting to identify various skulls, furs, rocks, and more by touch at the wheel o' discovery




 Creek Days 2011 Staff

 Creek Days 2011 Event Staff

The Eel River Watershed Improvement Group and AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project would like to thank all who supported this year's event.  Community involvement is critical to the success of Creek Days, and we hope to work with you again in the future!


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